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$5.00 per square foot for concrete patios or walkways. Call for details.

12 tons of most decorative rocks installed in front or back yard for $1,150.

Warranty information

Irrigation systems
Irrigation systems including timers, valves, filters, pressure reducers, pipe, poly-tube, sprinkler heads, drip emitters, bubblers, and any and all fittings used to connect any part of  the irrigation system carries a full one year warranty upon job completion date. Extended warranties of two years may apply to your specific project.

Plants, Trees, and Palms

All plants, trees and palms of 15 gallons or smaller have a free one-time replacement if the plant or tree dies within 90 days of the project completion date. All trees and palms of 24 inch box or greater have a free one-time replacement if the tree or palm dies within one year of  the project completion date.

Synthetic turfs

All synthetic turf carries a manufacture warranty of at least eight years. We have an installation warranty of eight years on all synthetic turfs.

Borders and concrete flatwork

All borders including excruded curb, brick, paver, and flagstone curb has a one year warranty from cracking and breaking. Concrete flatwork has a one year warranty from cracking, pitting, or chipping. We use 3000psi concrete mix in order to give the customer the best finish and durability.


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Decorative rocks available


Cherokee Sunset

Madison Gold

Palomino Gold

Walker Gold

Table Mesa Brown

Apache Brown

Yavapai Coral

Apache Rose

Sierra Verde


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1/2" or 1" screened

1/2" washed, 3/4" mixed or sized

1/2" or 1" screened

1/2" or 3/4" screened

1/2" or 1" screened

5/8" or 7/8" screened

3/8", 1/2", or 1" screened

3/8", 1/2", or 1" screened

1/2" or 1" screened

Call for other sizes available